How to snag a great deal off of a hotel’s unsold rooms.

So how do hotels fill those rooms?


The biggest way hotels offer great deals for their unsold rooms is to work out a deal with a budget travel brokerage site (such as Expedia ®, Hotwire ®, etc).

These sites let you use custom search engines that will go out to hotel sites and find you the best deal in the area you’re looking for.

In exchange for making the rooms available on these sites, the sites charge the hotel a fee, so it doesn’t cost you more to use these.

So Matthew is going to try a few of these travel websites to see if he can take his wife to Los Angeles.

“I’ll took the best deal I could find in LA,” Matthew says, “and now we are doing some research together to see what we can find nearby to entertain us.”

“It’s an adventure and not just a weekend away.”