How to snag a great deal off of a hotel’s unsold rooms.

Matthew wants to take his wife on a vacation.


But he’s convinced that they can’t afford it.

“We just need a weekend away,” he says.

Matthew goes on, “But hotel rooms are so expensive!”

He’s also concerned that his ever changing work schedule will make it impossible to book a hotel because he has to plan on short notice.

Matthew doesn’t have anywhere in particular in mind, he’s just looking to find a spot where they can relax together for a few days.

What Matthew and so many men like him do not realize is that all of these things can actually work in his favor in snagging a deal.

Hotels rarely book every room that they have on any day unless there is a really big event in town.

This leaves a lot of rooms open that are not making them money.

But the closer the day gets, the less likely it is to be booked, and yet the room still needs to be taken care of.