Can working for a bad boss kill you?

Bad bosses can cause a list of health problems.

Can working for a bad boss kill you?

Having a bad boss can actually contribute to anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, and heart disease.

Chronic stress has been repeatedly linked to an elevated risk of heart disease. So has insomnia, which is often another problem caused by that heinous boss.

Working for a bad boss can contribute to many other health issues as well. Depression, sleep issues, high blood pressure, weight gain… all possible health impacts that your bad boss might be having on your health.

That horrible boss is also bad for your relationships since most people have a tough time leaving work stress behind at the end of the day.

And the longer you stay working for that person, the worse the problems will become!

A French study, “The Impact of Organizational Factors on Psychological Needs and Their Relations with Well-Being” backs up Dr. Hogan’s findings.

The study found that “perceived organizational support and supervisors’ interpersonal style related to basic need satisfaction and need thwarting” directly corresponded to the well-being of the study participants.

This is the first time that research proved the relationship between a boss and an employee’s health.