Can working for a bad boss kill you?

What can you do?

HR helps

If changing jobs isn’t an option, you may want to approach your human resources department to see if there is any support that they can provide.

The Human Resources department is trained to handle these situations, and to help retrain your boss.

But if that doesn’t’ work, you may need to leave.

In today’s job market, it may seem like a bad idea to leave a job just because your boss stresses you out. But it just might save your life.

It turns out well for Gerry. He was able to confide in the Human Resources department at his office and they were able to approach Gerry’s boss through his own performance review.

This allowed Gerry to remain anonymous… keeping his job and improving his health.

“Mr. Swavely’s like a different man. I think they really got through to him,” Gerry says with a smile.