Beat insomnia with these easy lifestyle changes!

This means that preparing to sleep actually starts during the day, before your evening routine.

Beat insomnia with these easy lifestyle changes!

Some simple changes to try would be to start by skipping caffeine and chocolate after about midway through the afternoon.

You should skip that nightcap too… alcohol appears to make you tired, but it is actually a stimulant that can keep you from sleeping properly.

Another thing to do is to quit smoking if you smoke.

Like alcohol, nicotine and many other ingredients in cigarettes and cigars are also stimulants.

And make sure you get some exercise through the day.

Exercise releases brain chemicals that make you feel good, reduce stress, and help you sleep better at night.

And most people report that the leading cause of their insomnia is stress.

Meditation is another great way to combat insomnia causing stress.

Talking to Allen a few days later, he says, “I finally got a good night’s sleep!”

He tells us that “I stopped watching TV before bed, started exercising, and I started sticking to a night routine before bed.”

“I’m less stressed because now I make sure that everything else is finished before my routine starts, and I’m sleeping better.”

Allen says that “best of all, I got to tell the doctor that he could keep his pills.”