Beat insomnia with these easy lifestyle changes!

But it doesn’t have to be a choice between sleeping with pills or getting no sleep at all!

Beat insomnia with these easy lifestyle changes!

There are some easy lifestyle changes that can help you sleep without having to resort to sleeping pills.

Begin by making sure that the bedroom is a place reserved for sleep and relaxing.

If you have a TV in the room, you should consider removing it and any other entertainment electronics.

According to multiples studies done at the renowned National Sleep Foundation, it has been shown that electronics in the bedroom contribute to insomnia.

Exercise equipment should leave the room if possible too.

The bedroom should be used only for sleeping, sex, and relaxing.

And make sure that any blinds or curtains will block out street lights and any lights outside the window.

For the best sleep, the bedroom should be truly dark.

Also, try to keep the temperature cooler in the bedroom at night, this makes it easier to breathe while you sleep and will allow you to sleep more soundly.

After the room is ready, the next step is to create a bedtime routine.

Yes, this is a lot like what you had as a child when your parents put you to bed… but it worked!

Try to stick to this routine every night, regardless of what else happened through the day.

This trains your mind to begin to let go of the day, begin to slow down, and prepare to sleep.

After getting into bed, try progressive muscle relaxation.

This is a method of relaxation where you deliberately tense each muscle and relax it again, usually starting at your toes and progressing to the arms and neck.

It’s a deeply relaxing method of relieving muscle tension and helping the body transition to sleep.

For many people, this is enough to break the cycle of insomnia.

Many people need more than the relaxing room and the routine in order to let go of the day though.