Men: 9 Natural ways to help you sleep

Lying awake at night?

Men: 9 Natural ways to help you sleep

Staring at the clock?

Wonder if sleep will ever come?

You’re not alone.

According to the CDC, roughly 70 MILLION Americans suffer from insomnia for one reason or another.

There can be many reasons why men are losing so many hours and hours of sleep.

The culprits can be any number of health conditions, stress, or even just an over active mind that refuses to shut down for some shut eye.

Most people take over the counter drugs for one reason or another, or have prescription medications for other conditions.

These can often be part of the problem.

And sleep aiding medications by prescription or over the counter have unpleasant side effects, and can interfere with prescriptions.

Or the combination of prescriptions and sleep aids can lead to serious health complications or worse.

The best thing men should do is have a real conversation with their doctors in order to find the reason for these sleepless nights.

In the meantime, men just need some sleep.