These 5-minute make-ahead lunches lower blood sugar

Tuna salad can go from boring to crave worthy.

These 5-minute make-ahead lunches lower blood sugar

Drain a can of tuna, and flake it into a dish.

Dice up some red bell peppers, onions, celery, or carrots and toss those into the bowl as well.

Add the mayonnaise of your choice, but just enough to coat your tuna and veggies.

Season this with a tiny bit of salt, and the pepper to taste, plus any herbs that you like (thyme or parsley are great options).

You can eat this on whole grain bread, make it into a lettuce wrap, or scoop it up with celery stalks for a filling and healthy lunch.

And you can switch this up by replacing the tuna with canned salmon, chicken, or even shrimp.

Another standby that can become your favorite part of the day is the salad.

Salads should never be plain-Jane, the more variety you pack into a salad, the less likely you are to skip it and hit the pizza stop.