These 5-minute make-ahead lunches lower blood sugar

You can turn a plain old sandwich into a drool-worthy meal with a few simple tweaks!

These 5-minute make-ahead lunches lower blood sugar

Always start with whole grain breads or tortillas.

Layer on lean meats such as grilled chicken, lean roast beef, or turkey breast.

Top the meat with some colorful and fiber filled vegetables.

Some great ones to pair up are thin sliced bell peppers on roast beef, baby spinach on top of chicken, or slivers of radish & cabbage on top of turkey.

For an extra dash of flavor and to add some moisture to the sandwich, choose great spreads such as grainy mustard, hummus or small amounts of mayo.

Sandwiches always taste better with something crunchy to munch on the side, skip the chips and pick carrot sticks or pretzels.

With some simple planning and just a few minute at night, you can have a grab and go lunch ready for the next day that will help you regulate your blood sugar