Sunscreen mistakes that can cost you

Be sure that you are applying enough sunscreen to properly coat your body.

Sunscreen mistakes that can cost you

You want coverage to be under any clothing because not all clothing provides any protection from the sun’s rays.

As a general rule of thumb, use a nickel sized dollop to cover your face (not counting your neck), anything less can leave thin or missed spots.

A loose breakdown for the rest of your body is to use a quarter sized dollop for your torso, one for your back, and 2 quarters for your legs and feet.

Use a nickel sized amount for each of your arms as well.

Don’t forget your ears, the back of your neck, scalp, even around your eyes and using a lip balm with sunscreen.

Cancer in these areas is on the rise because people forget about them.

And be sure that if you cannot reach everywhere, you get help applying!

And another important note is that there is no skin color that is not harmed by the sun’s rays.

Just because you can’t see the damage immediately on darker skin, it’s still there.

Another critical point is to be sure that you’re using a high enough SPF to provide you enough protection for how much exposure you will have.

If you’re spending the day walking an antiques mall, you may need a lower SPF than if you’re going to be walking the boardwalk at the beach.