Lose weight easily, no pills, no diets

The latest figures on obesity are astounding.

Lose weight easily, no pills, no diets

Obesity causes a horrific variety of diseases.

Obesity has been tied to heart disease, diabetes and a lot more.

The CDC found that more than 33% of men are obese.

If we add in the numbers for men who are overweight (but not obese), the numbers are truly shocking and jump to include 70% of the male population of the United States.

Healthcare professionals are convinced that Americans need to go on a diet.

But do diets actually do any good?

Diets are a list of rules about eating that do not make lasting changes to lifestyle.

Typically, a diet restricts one type of food over another.

And the restricted foods are almost always the ones we want to eat most!

This leads to cravings and guilt, and a destructive cycle of cutting out the food, craving it, caving in and eating it, to be followed by guilt and a new determination to cut that food out.

And then the cycle is repeated.