Lose weight easily, no pills, no diets

There’s a growing movement in healthcare that has realized that diets do not work.

Lose weight easily, no pills, no diets

Dr. Brian Wansink is a consumer behavior psychologist, author, and marketing professor at the prestigious Cornell University and he’s on a mission to help people make healthy changes that lead to real weightloss.

“One thing that happens with people who are overweight is that they often feel their situation isn’t solvable, and they are on the verge of giving up,” explains Dr. Brian Wansink.

And so every time they mess up and eat something that wasn’t on the plan, the patient quits the diet.

Dr. Wansink encourages patients to make one lifestyle change at a time.

“What we’ve found over and over is that making one small change, like eating off a smaller plate, leads to a small weight loss, and then that triggers making more changes,” says Dr. Wansink.

His research has shown that by making just this one change and being able to stick to it makes the patient feel more confident.

And the more confident that the patient feels about the new plan, the more likely they are to be able to stick to the changes, or even make more changes.