Hotel Scams That Could Ruin Your Next Vacation

Scams can target you for checkout, too.

Hotel Scams That Could Ruin Your Next Vacation

You get a call to your room late at night; it’s the front desk letting you know that there’s a system issue and that they’d like to do a phone check out with you now.

They want to offer you a later check out as compensation for the inconvenience, but would you please confirm your credit card and other information so they can finalize things?

Of course, it’s the middle of the night, you’re exhausted from vacationing, and a couple extra hours to sleep in sounds great… so you give it to them.

Now it turns out that this was a random call to a random room, and you’ve just given your critical information to a scam artist.

When you get this call, let them know that you have to locate you card and will need to just come down to the front desk in a few moments… they’ll hang up quickly.