Does raising your testosterone prevent heart disease?

Doctors hope that treating low testosterone will help lower heart disease death.

Does raising your testosterone prevent heart disease?

At this moment, doctors help men suffering from heart disease or at risk for heart disease, with medications such as statins.

But this study suggests that doctors are missing a whole other treatment option. Treating low testosterone could help to treat heart disease too.

Another study has already found that low dose testosterone treatments helped to reduce the number of heart attacks brought on by exercise.

This is an incredible start that could lead to even better treatments!

Treatments for low testosterone could even be the cure that a lot of men with heart disease.

But treatments for low testosterone are not a cure-all, and have their own side effects to cope with.

And it’s possible to over-treat low testosterone… which causes heart disease too!

(In fact, many men are raising their testosterone dramatically, without pills.)