Can butter lower your cholesterol?

you really CAN eat butter and still lower your cholesterol.

Can butter lower your cholesterol?

In fact, there was less heart disease in the “old days” when everyone ate butter!

Prior to the 1920’s, heart disease was hardly the feared danger that it is now. People ate diets high in animal fats, barely processed grains, fruits and vegetables.

Yet heart attacks were extremely rare. And cholesterol problems were unheard of.

It wasn’t until the rise of margarine and “cooking oils” around the 1960’s that heart disease became the number one killer in America.

Could butter be your heart’s friend rather than its enemy?

Could “vegetable oil” and margarine be responsible for some or even most of the high cholesterol and heart disease we have today?

But the FDA recently banned trans-fats (the primary fat source in margarine), and has followed up on what we’ve been learning for years… butter is not the bad guy, margarine is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.