Can butter lower your cholesterol?

Is butter the best fat you can eat?

Can butter lower your cholesterol?

Butter is a completely natural food, with fats that are essential to good health, especially true if you’ve made the effort to use high quality or even organic butter.

The best butter is grass-fed butter.

Butter from cows grazing on grass, their natural food.

Grass-fed butter is very high in essential fatty acids that improve health.

Even the cholesterol found in butter has incredible anti-oxidant properties.

Other experts point to even more benefits of butter.

Butter is an excellent source of fat soluble vitamins such as A, E, and K2.

While there are many sources for vitamins A & E in American diets, K2 is rarely found sufficiently.

Vitamin K2 has been called the “new miracle vitamin” — it aids in calcium metabolism and a has been found to lower heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Masterjohn goes on to say, “My health underwent a revolution after I began eating high-quality animal foods and focusing on the nutrient density of my diet rather than simply avoiding boogeymen like saturated fat and cholesterol.”

Can butter lower your cholesterol?

And back to Joe.

Joe is thrilled that this is going to be so easy.

While he won’t be eating butter by the stick in order to reap its many benefits, including it in his diet means no ban on flavor, and just maybe, no pills!

1. Why Butter is Better