The best treatment for knee pain isn’t your Tylenol

The cost of knee pain

doctor examining knee

Knee pain leads to lost work days, low mobility, and costly knee repair and replacement surgeries.

But despite all these costs, no study before this compared one treatment to another.

Treatments are mostly compared to a placebo so how one treatment compares to another is completely a matter trying to weigh side effects and lifestyle to try to magically hit the right match for each patient.

Dr. Bannuru’s object in these study reviews is to find the most effective treatments, and the most cost-efficient, by taking the guess work out of how treatments compare to each other.

By comparing the how many therapies actually work, and analyzing their cost, a valuable resource is being created for men and their doctors to use in determining the best option for their situation.

“Our study helps the decision-making process for both patients and doctors. Individuals are encouraged to consult their doctors to discuss the harms and benefits of different treatments and choose the treatments that are right for their individual circumstances and health profiles,” Dr. Bannuru says.

This can lead to lower costs in treatment and pain management that actually works!