Is it true? New Studies suggest diabetes can be reversed

Mischievous couple making loveDo new medical studies show that type II diabetes can be reversed?

How can you use this news for your own health?


Why is type 2 diabetes on the rise

There must be a reason, that the number of men and women who have diabetes has increased to 240 million, up from 35 million in just a few short years ago.

And in some places, fully half of all adults are expected to have diabetes by the year 2030.

It’s a combination of too much sitting around, too many bad foods, and perhaps, it’s because medicine is all about “managing” diabetes instead of using the studies that are out there to reverse the diabetes.

“Within 60 days, I dropped 40lbs and dropped my blood sugars and blood pressure to within normal levels. Even my doctor had no answers how this was possible.”
Sean Bowley

The entire medical strategy for treating diabetes can be summed up in one sentence:

Pills, pills, pills…

shutterstock_9956206Remember this: Since diabetes has become a huge problem, the drug companies are reaping billions of dollars every year selling pills to men who have diabetes.

In fact, a report from Visiongain says that the world market for diabetes medications will reach $55 billion by 2017.

With all of the various types of pills that they give diabetics, you would think that they would be able to treat diabetes and even eliminate it.

But that’s not what the pills do.

The pills lower blood sugar. That is a fact.

However, the pills don’t actually do anything to fix diabetes.

In fact, the pills don’t make a diabetic live longer. The pills don’t make a diabetics life better. The average diabetic lives 8.4 years less than a non-diabetic, despite these new medications.

Why aren’t diabetics living longer and healthier lives thanks to this new medication?

The reason is, that the current health strategies are for “managing” type 2 diabetes, not eliminating it.

And although the medications do lower blood sugar, they do not necessarily lead to a longer or healthier life.

For example, Metformin is the “go to” drug for almost all diabetics today.

But one huge study concluded that “The specific efficacy of Metformin to prevent death or cardiovascular events has not been proven by current studies.”

And the researchers went further: “We cannot exclude beyond any reasonable doubt that Metformin use increases or decreases the risk of all-cause mortality or cardiovascular mortality.”

That’s right, in plain language, the drug that doctors have been prescribing for YEARS does not necessarily help diabetics live longer or suffer fewer heart attacks.

Now, you MUST keep taking your pills according to your doctor’s orders. But…

New research shows that type II diabetes can actually be reversed through simple lifestlye changes

And even better, the effects can be seen in as little as one week from today.

For instance, in one recent study, they reversed symptoms in diabetics in one week, and within 8 weeks there was no way to tell that these former diabetics had ever suffered diabetes at all!

reversal of diabetes in one week study

As this study found, “After 1 week of dietary intervention, fasting plasma glucose…was not significantly different from that of the non-diabetic control group.”

And after 8 weeks, the people in the study had lost a lot of weight. “Average weight loss during the 8 weeks of dietary intervention was equivalent to 15% of initial body weight…Both waist and hip circumference decreased to the same extent.”

Their cells were responding to the insulin again, they didn’t need any medication, and they looked and felt just as well, and healthy, as normal people.

“my weight has dropped to 140 pounds on a 5’6″ frame. My body fat, which was at about 30%, is 16% and my health has improved tremendously.
–Dave Harvey

They had more energy, they slept better, they had better sexual function, and they had lost weight.

In another study, a group of studies subjects were given a different diet, and other subjects were given a so-called “diabetic diet”.

The people on the diabetic diet did poorly. They still needed pills. They still had blood sugar problems. They still had diabetes.

But the people on the modified diet, were healthier. Their blood sugar was normalizing. They felt better.

Over three months, their diabetic symptoms vanished, and they could live a normal life again.couple

But it’s not just studies that show this.

In real life, many men and women are completely reversing their diabetes.

The problem has been that they needed to follow a very strict diet. An ultra low carb diet. Not eating the foods that they really enjoy. And this made sticking to the diet really hard.

But new research is showing and another avenue.

When men reverse their diabetes, their doctors may be able to cut back and eliminate the pills…the men don’t need the medications anymore

If a diabetic can cut down or eliminate the need for medication, he will lead a healthier life.

Because the pills often have side effects including lowering blood sugar TOO much…so hypoglycemia is a result, virtually forcing diabetics to eat higher carbs and more sugar than is good for them.

But now there is strong evidence that diabetes can be reversed by simple dietary changes according to many recent studies.

Thankfully, these new studies point the way…

A way for men to reverse their diabetes completely, and eat foods that they love. Without eating an ultra low carb diet.

“I found that my morning fasting BG levels had gone from the ~110-125 range, down to the mid-60s/low 70s!”

Without starving themselves, and without having to lose a certain amount of weight.

The good news is, anyone can try this out. And it works for so many people.

You don’t need to lose weight first, you can start immediately. You’ll lose weight automatically, according to the experience of many men who are doing this.
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About the author, Matt Cook

Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Mens World Journal and lives with his wife Jodi in the Washington DC suburbs. Mr. Cook has been serving the health community since 1996.
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