How to add years to your life without strenuous exercise

Forget strenuous workouts. Forget jogging for life.

How to add years to your life without strenuous exercise

What if the activities you love and enjoy could extend your life? What if instead of sweating endless hours in the gym — or feeling guilty that you’re not — it turns out easy, moderate exercise can make you feel better, lengthen your life, and even fix arthritis.

Sound too good to be true?

Not according to Dr. Len Kravitz.

Dr. Kravitz of the University of Mexico authored a paper “Vigorous Versus Moderate-Intensity Exercise,” which showed that strenuous exercise isn’t necessary for a longer life.

In fact, just going for a brisk walk (on or off the golf course), great improves your health.

And even light activity will vastly improve your mood and improve your memory… all great news for a longer life!

Yes, it’s true: Just easy, moderate exercise will keep limber and let you move more freely. Easy, moderate exercise helps to improve arthritis symptoms — so you need less medication.

And easy moderate exercise may be all it takes to begin losing weight, and preventing bone loss… and those are just a few of the benefits!

Dr. Kravitz wants doctors to encourage even easy, moderate exercise over sitting around the desk, the computer, or the TV.

With even easy, moderate exercise, “In the long run, clients will be improving their health and burning more calories,” says Dr. Kravitz.