Is it true? Can diabetes be cured?

No cure, but it can be reversed.

Is it true? Can diabetes be cured?

While diabetes cannot actually be cured at this time, there is hope.

It’s been shown repeatedly that losing even 10% of excess body weight can dramatically reduce fluctuations in glucose levels.

These reductions also translate to requiring less medication, and can sometimes even eliminate the need for pills.

But this weight loss must come about from actual lifestyle changes rather than quick-fix-it surgery in order to have a lasting effect.

Exercising every day has been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels, and it contributes to weight loss.

And making changes to eating habits in ways to balance nutrient and sugar intake will go a long way toward helping your body to regulate blood glucose.

While there’s no actual cure for diabetes, you can manage the disease with simple lifestyle changes.

And often, it’s possible to reverse the symptoms entirely, allowing you to quit taking your medications.