How your body warns you about a heart attack

Aches and pains that you can’t explain can also be a sign of a heart attack.

How your body warns you about a heart attack

Toothache and jaw pain can start a day or two before a heart attack.

If you’re experiencing what you think is dental pain, see your dentist because he can rule out dental issues and send you to the emergency room sooner.

You can also have random pains in the back… this is usually in the upper back.

If you have any type of ache in either arm that happens with any sort of pressure in the chest area, see a doctor immediately.

Even if the pain goes away, this can be an early signal that you’re going to have a heart attack soon.

Another key warning sign is heartburn or indigestion at the same time as any of the other symptoms.

This is also something to take seriously. This is not the time to just reach for a remedy and figure it will go away.

Every second counts when it comes to a heart attack, ignoring the symptoms or dismissing them as “just stress” wastes the time you need for your doctors to help you through.