Hey guys, use these 5 simple steps to reverse diabetes

There are some supplement facts and help you to reverse your diabetes, so this is step three.

Hey guys, use 5 simple steps to reverse diabetes

There are a lot of recommendations for supplements but the most important ones I easy to list.

You want to take a multivitamin and mineral, particularly one that includes calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

Fish oil has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower cholesterol, this reduces inflammation and helps regulate your blood sugar.

It’s good to take antioxidants and both B6 and B12.

A couple more unusual supplements to take shown to be helpful are primrose oil, cinnamon, garlic, green tea, ginseng, bitter melon.

You should also take a fiber supplement every day and drink plenty of water with your supplements.

Step number four is to manage your stress.

Stress affects every mode in the body including insulin.

Stress can trigger insulin resistance and promote weight gain around the middle.

Stress also increases your cortisol level, which have been proven to promote weight gain.

You can really which is been proven to lower stress levels, and is great exercise besides.