Hey guys, use these 5 simple steps to reverse diabetes

The number one step is to should diet for you.
Hey guys, use 5 simple steps to reverse diabetes

The most important part of this step is meal timing, proper spacing of meals will keep blood sugar constant.

Do not skip meals and attempt to eat every four hours or so.

Include small amounts of protein in every meal and snack.

Try to make meals that are composed mostly vegetables and do not have any refined or processed foods.

It’s best to leave artificial sweeteners out of the plan as much as possible since these do not help.

Small amounts of healthy fat are okay, but you should limit these in your diet.

The second step is to use exercise to help balance your blood sugar.

Exercise is absolutely critical in order to improve insulin sensitivity.

Exercise helps to improve your metabolism and to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercising vigorously on a regular basis and up to reduce your risk of complications and even reverse your diabetes.

If your diabetes is very severe, this is even more important.

Exercise will also help you to build muscle which increases your metabolism and improve your diabetes even more.