Want to quit smoking? Get a massage!

Turning “I know” into “I quit.”

Want to quit smoking? Get a massage!

These would seem to be great reasons to quit smoking, and many current smokers would agree.

The withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking make the process far less appealing.

Who would willingly go through the intense physical craving for nicotine? Or who would want to cope with the increased anxiety and depression that are part of the process?

The catch for so many smokers who wish to quit is finding a way to survive and conquer the cravings that trip them up.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Hernandez-Reif and her colleagues, it’s now been shown that something as simple as massaging the hand or ear can relieve the intensity of many of the symptoms that send these future ex-smokers reaching for the pack!

The study, “Smoking Cravings Are Reduced by Self-Massage,” randomly assigned smokers who were attempting to quit to self-massage either their hand, or their ear during 3 cravings per day.