The #1 predictor of amputation in diabetics

The good news is that with vigilance and care, diabetic patients can either delay or even prevent neuropathy from occurring.

The #1 predictor of amputation in diabetics

Because neuropathy is such a clear indication of a patient who is at risk for amputations, particularly of the foot, it’s important to really care for your feet if you have diabetes.

Doctors who treat diabetes typically screen rather aggressively for any evidence of nerve damage.

They look for any signs of lost sensation, ulcers, or infections.

And they work closely with patients to control blood sugar and keep glucose levels from damaging nerves.

Most diabetics are also referred to Podiatrist Specialists to ensure that the most up to date screenings are employed.

A patient history, family history and a thorough inspection of the foot along with non-invasive tests are used to spot issues early and identify those at risk.

By monitoring any warning signs, or spotting problems quickly, it can be possible to avoid amputation.