The #1 predictor of amputation in diabetics

While many people know that diabetes affects blood sugar levels, it may also cause nerve damage in a pattern that first affects the hands and feet.

The #1 predictor of amputation in diabetics

That damage to the nervous system is called diabetic neuropathy, and it can have direct consequences on your feet.

Neuropathy is progressive nerve damage that if left untreated can also affect the arms, legs, and even organs.

While the exact process is somewhat complicated, uncontrolled sugar levels in diabetics leads to this painful nerve damage.

The nerve damage leads to an inability to heal wounds such as ulcers on the feet.

Since the patient can’t differentiate between the painful pulses from the damaged nerves and pain from a sore, they may not realize how badly they are injured.

And some may not seek out help for an ulcer or other sore that just won’t heal.

The damage then spreads, eventually leading to severe infections, and ultimately, amputation of the damaged limb.