Men over 50 are not getting enough vitamin D

And there are so many reasons to get enough vitamin D!

Men over 50 are not getting enough vitamin D

Vitamin D raises testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that men getting adequate vitamin D each day have significantly more testosterone than men who do not.

Having enough testosterone has positive effects on heart health, diabetes, emotional health and, of course, libido.

When it combines with calcium, vitamin D protects your bone health and keeps your bones from becoming brittle.

Solid bones mean fewer fractures and the ability have an active lifestyle for years to come.

Newer studies are beginning to show that adequate vitamin D has an influence on cancer.

One study showed a reduced risk of nearly 60%!

If you want to beat the winter blues, this is another reason to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has been shown to be improved by increasing vitamin D levels in the blood.

There is also evidence that vitamin D may help to prevent dementia as we age as well.

Nerves and muscles use vitamin D to carry messages between themselves and the brain.

And your immune system counts on vitamin D to help it fight off illnesses you’ve been exposed to.

With all of these benefits courtesy of vitamin D, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to get enough vitamin D in your diet and lifestyle.