Men 50+ are raving about 2 minute workouts!

The research team used fat levels in the blood to determine the effectiveness of each type of workout.

Men 50+ are raving about 2 minute workouts!

They did this because high blood fat levels tend to clog arteries and cause heart disease.

So participants would perform their exercise and return to the laboratory the next day.

They were provided with a high fat breakfast and a lunch with mayonnaise, cheese, and bread.

After eating, blood fat levels were measured at intervals in order to determine how quickly these levels dropped after eating.

What they found was that the people who were assigned to the brisk 30 minute walk did not experience fat levels dropping at nearly the same rate as those in the intense workout group.

The moderate exercisers reduced blood fat content by 11 percent.

But the intense burst routine exercisers reduced blood fat content by an incredible 33 percent!

This is the same drop that is expected after a 90 minute run.

But the short and intense workout took only 2 and a half minutes of exercise versus 90 minutes… 87 and a half minutes fewer.


Now, technically the entire routine for the intense 30 second bursts actually takes roughly 20 minutes to complete including the rests.

But that time in between bursts is well worth it for the benefits reaped by the active 30 second workouts.

These intense workouts will not provide the same strength training as a more traditional workout.

But the effects and time savings are astounding in the benefits of the reduction of blood fat levels and the reward of improved heart health.

Nick has decided that any day that he can’t do his regular workout, he’ll focus on making time for quick burst exercises like intense cycling and sprints using the 4 minute rest in between.

“It’s not going to do everything my regular workout does,” Nick says, “but you can’t argue with results and I’ll have that post exercise energy I’m looking for!”