Men 50+ are raving about 2 minute workouts!

The incredible news for Nick and men like him is that science has shown that an intense 2 and a half minutes can be as effective as 90 minutes!

Men 50+ are raving about 2 minute workouts!

Dr. Stuart Gray is the lead researcher at the renowned Aberdeen University studying the effects of shorter workouts.

And Dr. Gray’s results are GREAT news for men of any age, but especially for those over 50 who have even more going on than ever in their lives.

He found that short, sharp burst of exercise may actually be better at preventing heart disease than longer, more strenuous exercise.

And with heart disease being a leading killer in American men, this news is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Gray had one group of participants who performed high intensity sprints for 30 seconds, resting four minutes, and then repeating the process four more times.

A second group went for a brisk walk for 30 minutes.