Who knew vinegar could do this?

Folklore considers vinegar a magic cure.

Who knew vinegar could do this?


Drink vinegar and water.

Athlete’s foot?

Soak your feet in distilled vinegar.

Sore throat?

Drink apple cider vinegar with honey in water.

The honey water with vinegar is also said to help control appetite and help with weight loss.

People have been using vinegar to cure ails and stay healthy for generations.

Some of the claims of the wonder drug vinegar seem like the old suitcase cures of the snakeoil salesman.

But Dr. Carol Johnston of the renowned Arizona State University has been studying the effects of vinegar on blood glucose and has found that the remarkable things are true!

“We expect that the incidence of diabetes is going to rise because of the high obesity incidence,” Dr. Johnston said.

Dr. Johnston also feels that diabetes is going to be occurring at younger and younger ages.

Dr. Johnston has been instrumental in a number of studies and several have concluded that vinegar really does help reduce diabetes symptoms in Type 2 diabetics.

Type 2 diabetes is the type that many men get as they age.