Get your laptop off of your lap

Another issue is how much more exposure lap working a laptop provides to electromagnetic fields (EMF).


We’ve discovered that EMF radiation exposure from our favorite gadgets is problematic.

Animal studies have indicated that over a hundred brain proteins are negatively impacted by over exposure.

Since scientists are already trying to encourage us to keep our cell phones away from our heads, they’re already spreading the word that laptops are also exposing us to that risk.

With cell phones, we can use blue-tooth and headphones to solve the issue, for laptops, it’s time to use a table.

Another very important reason for a man to keep his laptop off of his lap is linked to fertility and sperm counts.

Maybe you’re not concerned about that so much if you’re past wanting children, but if there’s a chance of children in your future, do not use your laptop on your lap.

Human sperm are damaged by only a 1 degree C increase in scrotal temperature.

Exposure to the heat from the laptop can increase the swimmers’ temperature by over 2.5 degrees C in just 10 to 15 minutes.

And exposure to internet Wi-Fi (EMF) is associated with damaging the DNA, meaning a much higher chance of birth defects… assuming conception was even successful.

One concern that there isn’t enough information about yet is whether or not there is a cancer risk in using the laptop on your lap.

Unfortunately, the technology is too new for there to have been any long term studies to know if these concerns are founded.

But with everything else, it seems like common sense to get the laptop off of your lap.