Common household chemicals cause cancer

Candles also have the potential to contain cancer dangers.

Common household chemicals cause cancer

Most candles are artificially scented and leach carcinogenic fragrances into the air.

Many candles have metal in the wicks in order to make them burn longer and stand up straight during burning.

This metal often contains at least minimal lead, and most metals are carcinogenic when burned.

And the most common type of candle in the U. S. is the paraffin candle.

The paraffin puts off 2 different carcinogenic compounds when burned… benzene and toluene.

The alternative here is to use only beeswax candles that are scented with essential oils and have 100% cotton wicks.

If you must buy paraffin, then at the very least be certain to buy only the highest quality candles and avoid metal in the wicks.