5 signs you’re getting diabetes

You have a major health problem linked to diabetes

5 signs you’re getting diabetes

If you are overweight or obese, you are much more likely to get diabetes.

And if you have high blood pressure, or you have prostate inflammation, you are also more likely to get diabetes.

You have the signs of diabetes already

Remember that most people who are going to become diabetics will not have any obvious symptoms. It’s very hard to detect if you have high blood sugar. Without having a glucose test.

Here are some signs that point to possible diabetes.

Your vision changes fairly rapidly.

If you get worse, or better, but a quick vision change is sometimes a sign that you have diabetes. This has been shown to be a possible indicator of diabetes for men and women younger than age 70.

You’re more thirsty than normal. You start taking more water.

You have trouble urinating (men), or you need to urinate more often (both men and women).

You used to have no trouble skipping meals, or missing meals, but now you feel lightheaded when you miss a meal.

More frequent stomach upsets, heartburn, irritable bowels. Patients reporting these symptoms have a much higher chance of getting diabetes.