5 quick, natural cures for sleep apnea

The first and most obvious solution is to make sure you treat nasal congestion.

5 quick, natural cures for sleep apnea

You can use saline drops, neti pots, and mentholated steam to clear out sinuses.

Another fast and easy thing to try to cure your sleep apnea is to change your sleeping position.

The best sleep position is on your side.

This prevents loose throat muscles from blocking your airway as they relax into your throat.

Bonus, sleeping on your left side will not only help to cure your sleep apnea, but it will also help to prevent nighttime heartburn.

Several supplements have been shown to improve or even cure sleep apnea.

The best supplements recommended are vitamin D, vitamin C, and magnesium.

Some studies have found that a Vitamin D deficiency is common men who suffer from sleep apnea.

Vitamin C can also help to reduce the damage that sleep apnea causes.

And magnesium is vital to muscle regulation which makes it perfect for helping to cure your sleep apnea by strengthening the throat muscles.