5 foods your prostate wants you to avoid


5 foods your prostate wants you to avoid

Dairy is another food that has saturated fat, but has an additional reason to be limited.

In a study conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, it was discovered that eating a diet high in dairy was linked to a faster than normal cell production rate.

Called a cell proliferation rate, if it’s too high, older cells aren’t dying off and being purged as fast as new cells are being born, leading to an increase in the total number of cells.

Cancer has been proven to have a direct connection to these high proliferation rates.

And drinking whole milk was linked to an increase in the risk of fatal prostate cancer progression.

Even skim and low-fat milks increased the risk of low-grade state of prostate cancer.

The best thing to do here is to limit dairy, and only use low fat or fat-free varieties.

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