Try this to lower your blood sugar

For another perspective to consider, remember that for most of human history, processed and refined foods did not exist.

Try this to lower your blood sugar

Between our available food sources (animals and vegetables) and our liver a system developed to regulate the glucose in our blood streams.

This was a carefully balanced dance.

And all the steps have been thrown out of sync now that most of us live in large part on processed foods that break down much faster than our traditional diets.

Shane’s doctor is recommending an eating plan that resembles the eating habits of our ancestors.

“I don’t have to give up meat,” Shane says. “In fact, I’m supposed to eat lean proteins and nuts that I thought I couldn’t have anymore!”

The biggest piece of advice Shane’s doctor gave him, “he told me to skip processed foods completely.”

The basic rule of thumb for vegetables and grains is the closer it is to how it came out of the ground, the healthier it is.

And for meats?

“I’m supposed to skip cured meats and processed meats,” Shane says, “so instead of salami for my sandwich, I’m eating home cut turkey breast.”

Shane laughs, “It’s like the day after Thanksgiving!”