Advanced ED Cure: Here’s how to fix Health Related Erectile Dysfunction

This article is exclusively for men who are on medication for chronic health problems (including one or more: more than 50 pounds overweight, diabetes, heart problems, prostate problems, blood pressure, and others). It shows you how to fix ED, even longstanding ED, while also fixing these serious health problems that go along with ED

What is health-related ED?

Health-related ED, is erectile dysfunction in the presence of chronic health conditions.

It’s long been known  that chronic health conditions often go along with erectile dysfunction. As you’ll see in this article, there is a reason for that. And a way to fix it fast, without crazy diets, or fistfuls of medication, or unnecessary surgery.

How do you know you have health-related erectile dysfunction?

First, ask yourself this:

Do you take medicine for high blood pressure, or prostate problems, or diabetes, or heart problems?

Are you more than 50 pounds overweight?

Then, ask yourself this:

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

If the answer is “yes” to both questions, then you have health-related ED.

And the rest of this article will be of great help to you.

Does this apply to you? Should you read this entire article carefully?

If you have ED, but you are not on multiple medications to treat a chronic health condition, then you do not need to worry about health-related ED.

For men have health-related ED, the causes and cures will be spelled out in this article.

Why is health-related ED different from regular ED?

Over the last three years, I’ve worked with over 21,262 men, helping them get rid of their erectile dysfunction.

I’ve been helping guys with ED that results in four problems:

  • Coming to fast
  • Not being hard on all
  • Not staying hard long enough
  • Not being able to come

All these problems are typically caused by desensitization.

In fact desensitization plays a part in all erectile dysfunction from man.

But what I found, is that men with health-related ED need to fix their health issues in order to fix their ED.

So it looks like this, if you have health-related ED:

First, fix the cause of health-related ED

Then, you fix the desensitization that is related to ED…

And now, the ED goes away.

As I like to put it,

“Fix the cause, Fix the cock”.

Plus, as a huge bonus (that makes it ALL worthwhile, your blood pressure falls normal levels, your prostate inflammation gets better, heart conditions tend to disappear, and you can talk with your doctor to reduce or even eliminate medications you have been on.

It may seem like magic, or crazy, or a miracle, but it does indeed work this way.

Because, what I found is, that all these health issues have a common cause.

All the health issues that men have often involve high blood pressure, prostate problems, heart problems, diabetes…

…and erectile dysfunction.

You may have only two of these, or you may have all of them.

So why do men have these problems together? What’s the relationship between prostate problems, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction?

The reason these problems all go together is, they all have the same cause.

What is the cause of all these male health problems?

The causes been established for a number of years now. The cause is inflammation of the cells in the body.

It starts in the gut.. The gut is like a sewer. It’s supposed to hold all the bad stuff in the gut. And you’re supposed to excrete it out.

But sometimes the gut gets inflamed. It’s like a sewer that has holes in it.

You know, “leaky gut.”

And now the bad stuff–bacteria, toxins, viruses– pour through the gaps in the gut and attack all the cells in the the rest of the body.

As this study says:

coronary heart disease erectile dysfunction

Low-grade subclinical inflammation affects endothelial function and is involved in all stages of the atherosclerotic process…links among low-grade inflammation, ED, metabolic syndrome, and coronary artery disease…

So now all the cells in your whole body are being challenged by bacteria, toxins, and viruses. I call these the “baddies.”

Your cells respond to the attack by becoming inflamed. And as you’ll see, this causes a range of diseases including health-related erectile dysfunction…


Inflammation is your body’s defense against bacteria, viruses, and toxins

All the cells in the body become inflamed, as these bacteria, viruses, and toxins circulate through your entire body.

You get all a lot of health issues this way.

For example, inflammation affects the arteries and the veins.

And that’s why men who are suffering from inflammation get erectile dysfunction. The arteries and veins that feed the penis are stiffer, and clogged up.

That’s because of the inflammation.

  • Inflammation enlarges the prostate. That’s why so many men also have prostate problems. Prostate inflammation is a type of inflammation of the cells, but all the other cells in the body are also inflamed.
  • Inflammation attacks blood vessels feeding the heart, making them clogged up and stiffer than normal…so you have heart problems, you have clogged arteries, you have atherosclerosis.
  • Inflammation affects the entire body, and now the body is so busy fighting the inflammation, it doesn’t have time or resources to warrior by your sex life, or your erections.

When your cells are inflamed, erections have long since disappeared because the body gives up on erections and applies its energies to handling the inflammation!

It’s as if the inflammation is a bear chasing you. If the bear is chasing you, I guarantee you, you will not have an erection anymore. Not until the bear is safely gone.

So it is with your body.

With the inflammation, your body can’t afford to worry about your sex life or your erections, so sex life and erections go away.

And the real issues with health-related erectile dysfunction, is that the arteries feeding the penis and the veins taking blood from the penis get clogged, and stiffer, and stop working as well.

Here’s exactly how inflammation causes ED

The penis depends upon arteries to work. Here you can see the artery network. These arteries are lined with epithelial cells:


When the epithelial cells lining the arteries become inflamed, the arteries become rigid, and blocked. Now they can’t transfer blood efficiently to the penises erection tissue.

And, the erection tissue in the penis is ALSO lined with epithelial cells. (Just as all the arteries are lined with epithelial cells.)

These black arrows point to epithelial cells that line the erection tissue. The corpus cavernosum is where the spongy tissue stores blood when you get an erection. But the entire structure depends on epithelial cells that line everything:


When the epithelial cells in the penis get inflamed, they no longer become rigid.

Erections no longer can happen.

Imagine a glass of water. The glass is rigid, right? Now imagine a balloon filled with water. It’s floppy, right?

For erections to happen, the walls of the penis MUST be rigid like the glass of water, rather than floppy like the balloon.

It’s not enough for the blood to enter the penis. The balloon can store water in it, but it remains floppy. You need your penis erection tissue to BOTH store blood AND become rigid like the drinking glass walls.

Remember: The strong walls of the erection tissue in the penis is made from epithelial cells. When epithelial cells become inflamed, they no longer can become rigid.

So when the cells become inflamed, no erections!

There IS a solution…inflammation can be reversed and the epithelial cells restored to their flexible, erect and free-flowing state…erections will be restored.

To fix health-related ED, you have to fix both the health issues, and the ED…here’s how you can do this right now

From my years of helping men with health-related ED, I have put everything that I know together in this new course called Advanced ED Cure.

Advanced ED Cure is specifically for the man who has chronic health conditions, and have ED. Because practically ALL chronic health issues are caused by inflammation.

My Advanced ED Cure gets rid of both the chronic health issue, and the erectile dysfunction.

It’s a simple combination of lifestyle changes, simple changes to your diet, and simple things you do to fix the health-related ED by reversing the desensitization.

Advanced ED care is the only system available anywhere, that fixes ED by fixing the health conditions that are causing your ED.

It’s going to get to the root of the health issues and the erectile dysfunction both.

Plus, something more happens with inflammation…it’s not fair, but…

Men with health-related ED have low testosterone

In the body, the same cellular factory that makes testosterone, also makes cortisol. Cortisol is the master hormone affecting inflammation.

When you’re having inflammation, your cortisol levels rise. And your testosterone levels fall.

So your sex drive falls, your performance declines, and you’re stressed out all the time from the inflammation.

Inflammation even affects the brain.

Although the brain is highly protected through the blood brain barrier, your brain is affected by inflammation.

And your brain can get more anxious, more depressed, more pessimistic. Now this is not psychological. It’s all real.

For instance, here are brain scans of a man with ED, and another man without ED:

It’s the health-related ED that results in the brain losing neural activity around sex and erections. It’s “ED brain” at this point…

Because, since your sex life has suffered so much, the areas of the brain that are recruited for sexual function are recruited for new and different things.

So you actually lose brain cells that were formerly dedicated to sex

When you start up again, you have to fix the inflammation causing these health issues, and then you have to rewire the brain for natural, normal, and wonderful sex.

You have to rewire your brain cells back to sex.

Your brain has areas that shrink — areas that were related to sex and you have to rebuild these areas of your brain. You have to re-build communication between your brain and your penis.

If you don’t get the Advanced ED Cure, what are you going to do?

First of all you can try more ED medications…

But you may already realize this, the ED medications often stop working. Or, they never work in the first place. Especially for men with health-related ED:

ed pills stop working

The second thing you can do, is go to the doctor, and take all the pills, all the medications, and all the things that the doc tells you to do, and hope and pray the ED goes away.

I want to be very clear: you must continue seeing your doctor, and taking your medications the doctor feels you shouldn’t stop taking…

But you also need to address the underlying cause of the health-related ED.

What was the last time your doctor ever discussed with you the cause of ED, and suggested there was a relationship between your chronic health conditions, and your ED?

Doctors never mention this. And yet the research is very clear.

Heart problems, high blood pressure, weight problems, diabetes…and erectile dysfunction…all go together.

Because they all have a common cause.

As you’ve now discovered.

And they can all be fixed at the same time.

That’s what Advanced ED Cure does.

And unless you get to the root cause of your health-related ED, medicines will only control the problem a little bit. They won’t actually fix anything.

And this is the reason that your doctor is unable to fix the health issues that cause your ED….

Medicine today simply aims to control symptoms — but what you want is a cure, right?

It aims to bring your blood pressure down, your blood sugar down, help you pee better.

But medicine today does not cure or reverse any disease condition (with the exception of, say, antibiotics, or setting a broken bone…)

They don’t even try.

But you and I are going to use the Advanced ED Cure — we’re going to use various supplements taken a special way, some simple lifestyle changes, a few tweaks in your diet and activities — to fix your health problems and fix your ED.

Proof that inflammation causes erectile problems, heart problems, prostate problems, high blood pressure and more…

For example, studies show that prostate problems are caused by internal inflammation:


And men with high blood pressure, heart issues, weight problems…often have ED also, because the cause of these health problems is also the cause of ED:


This pioneering study shows that inflammation is responsible for ED.

And how do you know?

A simple blood test reveals internal inflammation…yet how often do doctors perform this test?

C-reactive protein is a blood test you can have your doctor order. C-reactive protein shows up when you have internal inflammation.

And many studies definitely show that men with ED have inflammation, and that inflammation causes ED.

Even a world renowned newspaper article spelled it out…

All these health issues, including ED, are caused by inflammation.

As one huge study noted…

“Low-grade systemic inflammation could be an important element…between metabolic syndrome, ED, and coronary artery disease.”

The solution is to FIX the inflammation to FIX the health problems and FIX the ED.

That’s precisely what the Advanced ED Cure does.

Advanced ED Cure fixes ED by fixing the health problems that cause health-related erectile dysfunction.

Here is what’s included in Advanced ED Cure

There are two major sections of the Advanced ED Cure.

The first major section covers how to fix desensitization that causes ED. The second major section covers all the health issues.

module-1Module 1 shows you the biggest medical breakthrough of our time which is the discovery of inflammation and its role in over 200 different disease..

module-1Module 2 shows you how to fix venous leakage, leaky valves…and low testosterone.


module-1Module 3 shows you how you can recruit new brain cells to have much better erections, and much more pleasure, in a matter of days or weeks, sometimes OVERNIGHT.

module-1Module 4 shows you how to make a customized recovery plan that works for you. Each man is different.
The plan includes how to recover from your specific health issues, and also staying on the plan.
So that you’re improving your life, and improving your health, and getting better sexual function and health, so you can have great sex, discontinue medications with your doctor’s blessing and begin living the life of a person of great health, normal weight and excellent muscles and fitness.

module-1Module 5 shows you how to avoid bad touch. Bad touch can do more than anything else to hold you back, and keep you from recovering from ED.

module-1Module 6 shows you how to avoid bad stimulation other than bad touch.
We are constantly being stimulated in our environment, due to modern technology, and this stimulation hurts the brain and hurts our sexual performance in a major way.
We are simply not designed to have the level of stimulation that we are constantly exposed to, and it affects our sex life more than anything else. Fortunately it can be completely fixed and the result is great long-lasting rock hard erections.

module-1Module 7 covers exactly how to get your partner on your side.
How to get her to support you. Because, once your partner is on your side, you can achieve great things. It helps so much, and I really want her to be your primary support in recovery from health-related erectile dysfunction.
And you will work with her on the the things I’m going to show you, in Module 7.

module-1Module 8 is specifically for single men.  It shows you how you can recover from ED even if you don’t have a partner. And how you can get the love of your life in your life — because now you’re feeling so much more confident. Even early in the process of recovery, you’ll be able to meet a wonderful girl to help you along and have the time of your life with.

module-1Module 9 covers a revolutionary method that I have found that rewires the brain that is pleasurable and easy…you’ll have FUN rewiring your brain!

module-1Module 10 is all about hormones. How to make your hormones get into balance, so your hormones help your recovery. This has never been taught before. It is so powerful, and I have been using it with my private coaching students. Now for the first time I am releasing it to you in this course.

module-1Module 11 shows you how to reprogram your brain without doing anything difficult. So that your ED begins to recover virtually automatically. We focus on brain reprogramming which subtly changes certain habits that have been holding you back without your ever being aware of it.

module-1Module 12 helps you become more positive, more optimistic, and more forward thinking about your recovery. This type of mindset will get you further and faster and make you into an optimistic, happy person, perhaps for the first time.

Now, in module-1Module 13, we start physical aspects of health-related ED.
How to get rid of the gut inflammation so it goes away. And how to do that quickly, working with your doctor.

module-1Module 14 and Module 15 shows you what to avoid in your new diet and lifestyle.
The specific foods and specific things that you should not be putting in your body that are holding you back, and that are causing the inflammation to get worse.
And these Modules show you how to avoid all of them. You’ll be very surprised to see what’s on this list, and how to avoid the foods that you may be now think are good for you, and find out are making your symptoms much worse, that you never realized were a problem! And it won’t be difficult to eliminate these foods either.

module-1Module 16 shows you the specific diet and you plan that will reverse the most severe health-related ED. And it’s easy to stick to, and nothing crazy. You’ll get very fast results with it, and these results will encourage you to continue, even if you’ve struggled with other so-called diets before. This is completely different!

module-1Module 17 goes into great detail on the anti-inflammatory protocol, including the proteins and starches and vegetables to eat…everything is covered here, even how to make a good mayonnaise that’s healthy for you (because store bought mayonnaise is highly inflammatory.)
All about dairy products, and a surprise use for chicken bones that can help heal inflammation, and much more…even how to have tea and coffee in a way that reverses inflammation.

module-1Module 18 covers how to make shakes that can replace meals, and that fight inflammation. Even if you are in a hurry and have no time for cooking, you don’t have to be hungry, and you can prepare an amazing meal replacement shake with simple kitchen foods…a shake that will continue reversing your inflamation.

module-1Module 19 covers supplements — the exact plan for supplements that will reverse inflammation in a matter of days or weeks.
I divided the supplement Module into what to take with food, and what to take on an empty stomach.
I go into exactly why take each one, the dosages, and the right form to take, and what not to take together.

module-1Module 20 has a revolutionary new probiotic protocol system. A way to use helpful bacteria, almost 50 different strains, with inexpensive ingredients you just buy on Amazon.
You simply take these in a special way each day, and combined with the rest of the plan, your gut will heal very very quickly. Sometimes in days.
And I show you how to know the gut that has healed, the simple litmus test, how to literally see it on paper that you’ve healed. And how you can be healed in days.

module-1Module 21 shows you secrets to preparing and cooking your food. If you cook wrong, you can actually make the inflammation worse.
But if you cook right, you can heal all the inflammation quicker. But don’t worry — if you eat most or all of your meals out, I’ll show you how to order at restaurants, so that you are sure you are staying on your anti-inflammatory diet. And the cooking is EASY, with most meals prepared in 10 minutes.

module-1Module 22 covers drinks, what to drink, and how to use liquids so they are anti-inflammatory and support your recovery from health problems and ED..

This system should sell for tens of thousands of dollars. However, I want every man to be able to use it.

For that reason, created a very special price right now, thanks to the publisher agreement.

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I do want to warn you about something. This is not a quick fix. The health issues that you have, will keep getting worse and worse, unless you reverse them.It takes some commitment on your part. I will help you keep that commitment, that decision to change your life you are making RIGHT NOW.I will help you make that change in your life, because my Advanced ED Cure will help you with the mindset, and the hormone changes will help you continue to stay consistent and true to your goals.

So if you do try my system, there are two minor strings attached:

Number 1, I ask that you try it out with all of your heart and soul into it. This is your life, your sex life, your future, your children and grandchildren.

SO MUCH is at stake. I don’t want you to be half assed about it, to be blunt. Give it your all. Or don’t try it at all.

Does that make sense? I have a huge stake in your success. I am aiming for ALL men who go through the Advanced ED Cure to get better. If you are going to make a half stab at it, and then give up, please don’t even start.

And number two, I ask that you share with me the results, as you go along.

You have my email address and I want to hear from you as often as possible:

In addition to all these modules, I am also going to give you a 14 day trial subscription to my Alpha Lions live coaching.

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And so I’ll include 14 days and I will give you a lot more. I will give you nine different bonuses that will help you in your sex life, everything from how to finger your girl in a new way, to how to have sex every day, to how to give your wife or girlfriend incredible oral sex.

I even have a course “Small Penis, Big In Bed” that helps men get the most out of their equipment, even men who are not as well endowed as they would like. And I’ll give that to you as well.

These are brand-new courses that I’ve just finished, they’re amazing bonuses…and they are yours for trying out the Alpha Lions coaching. You get a new bonus course about every three days or so.

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You are not going to be one of those unfortunate souls, suffering from diseases and dementia. Instead you’re getting your life together and going to have a great second half full of love and sex and companionship, with travel and playing with your grandchildren…free from all the health concerns the plague other people.

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  • Includes 14 day trial to Alpha Lions live coaching

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