The truth about diabetic amputation

The good news is that there are many things that diabetics can do to limit or eliminate the possibility of an amputation being necessary.

The truth about diabetic amputation First, make sure to get regular foot checkups and point out even the smallest issues you may be having.

And have your circulation and sense of pain checked regularly.

These work together, making it more difficult to feel if you’ve been injured.

And doctors can often help to heal foot and leg issues in the early stages and prevent the need for amputation.

Inspect your feet every day, no exceptions, and be sure that your toenails are trimmed properly to avoid snags or even cutting yourself on y our toenails.

Due to the poor circulation, even the smallest injury can fester and become a serious issue.

And for this reason, do not attempt to remove corns or callouses on your own, it’s better to have your doctor do it.

Take care to be sure your floors are clear of obstacles and sharp objects to avoid bruises and abrasions.

Be sure to wear shoes (not flip flops or sandals) at all time, indoors or out.

Another important part of avoiding amputations is to quit smoking.

Smoking reduces the oxygen in your blood and can speed up the damage caused by other injuries.

Monitor your sugar vigilantly!

By keeping your glucose levels tightly monitored, you can help to reduce the likelihood of having issues develop that could lead to amputation.