New Research Shows How You Can Reverse your Diabetes Naturally using the Diabetes Reversal Introductory Course, absolutely free

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What you will discover in the Diabetes Reversal Introductory Course?

  • What the real cause of diabetes is – – what even your doctor doesn’t know yet
  • The secret to lowering your blood sugar within days, better than pills, better than injections!
  • How to prevent prediabetes from getting worse, and how men are totally reversing it in days
  • How to work with your doctor to reduce and eliminate medication
What the drug companies hope you’ll never find out--

by fixing the underlying cause of diabetes, you can improve and even fix high blood pressure, heart problems, prostate inflammation and more…

Here’s What Our Students Say About The Methods Taught In The Diabetes Reversal For Men Introductory Course

My weight has dropped to 140 pounds on a 5’6″ frame.

My body fat, which was at about 30%, is 16% and my health has improved tremendously.

My T2 diabetes is in total remission, without medication. I do not have food cravings like I did with low-fat dieting. I don’t feel hungry shortly after eating. I don’t make multiple trips to the kitchen and refrigerator for snacks in the evenings. I have more energy throughout the day. I don’t have feelings of anxiety.

Lastly, and most importantly, it has been four months since I have experienced any sign of the atrial fibrillation which sent me to the hospital in December of 2011.

bradgeorgiaDave Harvey    

I lost the 20lbs I gained and even more important, gained solid lean muscle..

Muscle I have not seen on me for over 20 years! I starting noticing little things, like for some reason, my skin was really soft … my “drive” is in overdrive!

Then on the 31st day something amazing happened. I tested myself at 6:21am… 117. I cried for about 5 minutes quietly to myself. Not only within an acceptable range, but stayed right there all day… 119 in the afternoon and 101 before dinner. On day 32… 115 down to 99 before dinner. Day 33… 124 down to 102 and so on.

I’m on day 41 of the rest of my life! There are other things (pills, diets, exercise programs, etc.) out there you can try… most will change your exterior (for a short time), but only this will change your body from the inside/out…for life.

joe-phoenixSean Bowley    

I found that my morning fasting BG levels had gone from the ~110-125 range, down to the mid-60s/low 70s!

...even if I did occasionally indulge in some alcohol and/or dessert with my dinner (and, admittedly, had a quite high-carb meal with rice on a couple of occasions), the following morning my fasting BG would still be in the 60s or 70s. That's what *I* would call a cure.


New research shows that type II diabetes can actually be reversed through simple lifestlye changes

And even better, the effects can be seen in as little as one week from today.
For instance, in one recent study, they reversed symptoms in diabetics in one week, and within 8 weeks there was no way to tell that these former diabetics had ever suffered diabetes at all!
type-II-diabetes As this study found, “After 1 week of dietary intervention, fasting plasma glucose…was not significantly different from that of the non-diabetic control group.”
And after 8 weeks, the people in the study had lost a lot of weight. “Average weight loss during the 8 weeks of dietary intervention was equivalent to 15% of initial body weight…Both waist and hip circumference decreased to the same extent.”
Their cells were responding to the insulin again, they didn’t need any medication, and they looked and felt just as well, and healthy, as normal people.
“my weight has dropped to 140 pounds on a 5’6″ frame. My body fat, which was at about 30%, is 16% and my health has improved tremendously.” –Dave Harvey
They had more energy, they slept better, they had better function with their partners, and they had lost weight.
In another study, a group of studies subjects were given a different diet, and other subjects were given a so-called “diabetic diet”.
The people on the diabetic diet did poorly. They still needed pills. They still had blood sugar problems. They still had diabetes.
But the people on the modified diet, were healthier. Their blood sugar was normalizing. They felt better.

Over three months, their diabetic symptoms vanished, and they could live a normal life again.

normal-life-again But it’s not just studies that show this.
In real life, many men and women are completely reversing their diabetes.
The problem has been that they needed to follow a very strict diet. An ultra low carb diet. Not eating the foods that they really enjoy. And this made sticking to the diet really hard.
But new research is showing and another avenue.

When men reverse their diabetes, their doctors may be able to cut back and eliminate the pills…the men don’t need the medications anymore

If a diabetic can cut down or eliminate the need for medication, he will lead a healthier life.
Because the pills often have side effects including lowering blood sugar TOO much…so hypoglycemia is a result, virtually forcing diabetics to eat higher carbs and more sugar than is good for them.
But now there is strong evidence that diabetes can be reversed by simple dietary changes according to many recent studies.
Thankfully, these new studies point the way…

A way for men to reverse their diabetes completely, and eat foods that they love. Without eating an ultra low carb diet.

“I found that my morning fasting BG levels had gone from the ~110-125 range, down to the mid-60s/low 70s!” –Kate
Without starving themselves, and without having to lose a certain amount of weight.
The good news is, anyone can try this out. And it works for so many people.
You don’t need to lose weight first, you can start immediately. You’ll lose weight automatically, according to the experience of many men who are doing this.

How Matt Cook discovered this diabetes reversal system

Matt began searching for a way to reverse diabetes after his physician father announced to him one day, “Son, I have something to tell you. I have diabetes.”
Matt didn’t realize the impact of his dad’s words at that point.
But over the next few years, he watched his dad physically and mentally deteriorate, eventually having to retire from his medical practice and end up in a nursing home with round-the-clock care.
Matt had already begun helping men recover from ED. And one day several years later, he realized that so many of these men were reversing their diabetes symptoms in addition to fixing their ED.
And he began working on discovering the reason these men were reversing their diabetes.
This discovery led to the revolutionary Diabetes Reversal Introductory Course. Matt was too late to help his dad, and he resolved to be on a mission to help the millions of men who are caught in the trap of taking big Pharma medications, and getting worse and worse.

Be part of the “Former Diabetics” Movement

 matt-faceThousands of diabetics are reversing their diabetes thanks to this revolutionary Diabetes Reversal Introductory Course.   They are going from “I’m a diabetic”, to “I’m a former diabetic.”   They are setting the example for other men and women to get better without falling into the endless pit of fistfuls of medication, amputations, losing their vision, not being there for their grandchildren.   Are you ready to join us? All you have to lose is your diabetes.   Sign-up-Diabetes-Reversal-Introductory-Course  

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up

The five-part Diabetes Reversal For Men Introductory Course

Part 1

What really causes diabetes

The truth about what the latest studies show REALLY causes diabetes -- what even your doctor doesn’t know, proven by thousands of people who have reversed their diabetes naturally

Part 2

The one thing that lowers blood sugar for good

Blood sugar is a symptom, not the can fix the CAUSE of diabetes and have normal blood sugar often in a few days...then your doctor can reduce your medication, or eliminate it...and you just need to do this ONE thing...

“Guess I am very close to being done with diabetes as I mentioned last night I am getting frequent days where my blood sugar is 80-125 almost all day even an hour after a meal. This morning before breakfast it was 91!”

-- Tom M.

Part 3

Five Life Saving Tips for Losing Weight Without Effort and Reversing Diabetes Naturally

Here are the five most important ways for you to both effortlessly lose flab, AND fix the underlying cause of your diabetes. And here's proof that it works...Not an ultra low carb diet, or a supplement that doesn’t work and costs a lot...this is PROVEN by many studies that you’ll see.

Part 4

How diabetes reversal gives you stamina

There is a specific reason so many men with diabetes also suffer from problems with congress with their wives. It has to do with epithelial tissue which is involved both in the male organ and in the heart muscle. But don’t worry about the vocabulary. Here’s the simple reason that many men have these problems and diabetes, and how to fix it fast. For men who haven't experienced congress in years, this points the way to what it will take to get everything back.

Part 5

How to consolidate your gains for a lifetime without diabetes

Pills and even injections into the male organ can work to create “rockiness”. But what if you want more? What if you want more sensation and more pleasure? The pills don’t do anything to fix the medical problems that result in inability to perform. And many men don’t like the side effects of the pills. Here’s how you can perform better than pills starting tonight.

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