3 Symptoms you do NOT want to ignore

The appearance of a sudden, intense headache should prompt you to seek help right away as well.

3 Symptoms you do NOT want to ignore

This isn’t your ordinary stress headache.

This is a headache like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Sometimes called a Thunderclap headache, these headaches just appear suddenly and hit full pitch in under a minute.

The Thunderclap headache can be a sign of an aneurysm or burst blood vessel in your brain.

This is an immediate trip to the emergency room, without any hesitation.

A brain aneurysm can cause a stroke with moderate to severe neurological damage.

Or the aneurysm could be far more serious and hemorrhage leading to even more severe damage or even death.

Another serious possibility is meningitis, which if not treated quickly can cause permanent impairment or death.

Shingles could also be the culprit behind the headache.

While shingles is less life threatening, it is a serious disease that causes extremely painful rashes that can last up to a month before clearing up.

While there’s always a chance that “it’s nothing,” you should never discount these symptoms on your own.

Always seek out a doctor’s help with any of these warning signs and increase the odds that everything will work out well.