Is Yogurt the new Prozac(r)?

Are probiotics found in yogurt the next Prozac(r)?

Is Yogurt the new Prozac(r)?

Researchers studied brain scans of the study groups and were shocked to find that the effect of probiotics could be seen in many parts of the brain…

The brain scans showed that the the yogurt improved the person’s emotions and thoughts.

In an era when depression and emotional illnesses are epidemic, the implications of this study are huge!

Drug treatments have hardly improved anxiety and mood disorders in over 50 years of study.

A new approach starting with diet has the potential of removing pill dependence as a means of curing these issues.

Dietary changes that help to change brain chemistry could be the beginning of a practical cure for many depressive and anxiety disorders without the cost or side effects of medication. But eating yogurt is easy and inexpensive!

This is a big win for the future of our mental health.

Bad news for big pharma, great news for men!

So keep eating that yogurt every day for calcium and gut health, and for an easy and pill free way to cure your anxiety.